Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 2010 Resolution

It might be a bit late actually to talk on my 2010 resolution but who cares , it's me who do the typing right ? And this is my blog anyway .......hi3

My 2010 resolution is to be a good muslim , a much2 more caring & lesser "membebel" mummy , a good wife ( in terms of frequent home cooking rather than eating out at Dek Non or Rosni Cafe ...hik3 ..well.... last year i only buy my cooking gas twice - in January and in June ...jimat kan ?) . Mmg rajin wife Encik Ariff ni ek ?

Bla3... January is over , and February has come to the middle and so far i have managed my resolution very2 well , but not to the extend of gaining it yet as my biggest resolution for 2010 has just started actually , which is .....Baking ..

I start to fell in love with baking when i was internet browsing and accidentally found Ms Gert ( My Kitchen Snippet ) blog ,  saw her entry on Macarons , at first just browsing and only looks at the photos ( a nice photos indeed - the food looks yummy ) , then i started to read her entry ( from her writing i think she is such a nice and wonderful lady ) ....and i got addicted to her blog ... i always visited her blog and from there i found Mat Gebu's blog ....and it seems that there's something in Mat Gebu's blog that makes me addicted to it too , browsing every page , looking at the recipe and all the yummy photos , i sit back and ask myself " hey , Mat Gebu is a man ok ...and he bakes yummy cake , why can't i bake the same yummy cake like Mat Gebu did ? " . I went back home , unpacked my little oven ( which have been abandoned in my store room for 4 years - i think - thanks to Kiswire for such a gud and profitable gift for Hari Raya - cannot remember which Hari Raya , my Memory Card is only 1GB , haven't upgrade to 8GB yet - hik3 - and thanks to Encik Ariff for working with Kiswire , so that the oven that he got as a gift from his company has automatically been transferred to a new owner which is me - as soon as it enter  house no 6 - by the way , Encik Ariff only know how to preheat his Aunty Anne's Pretzel's with the oven ok ? )

So, with no further delay ( alamak , ni bukan minutes of meeting ek ) , i started baking and tested few recipes which i have printed , copied ( by hand , of cos paper , love the environment and think before you print ..hik3 ) and saved in my thumbdrive ...and after a few cake lesson classes ( from Youtube jerrrrr ) .....i have managed to sell out my first Triple Choc Cake and Almond Choc Cake to few frens of mine ...which i have received a good feedback , so far ( takde yg mati keracunan lagi , ok ? )...

So here is the photos of my selling almond choc cakes , triple choc cake Encik Ariff lupa amik gambar ( barulah best sikit baca2 blog ada gambar kan? ).... and the pricing is ( drum roll ) ....RM3.00 per pack of 2 square cuts of almond choc cake and RM3.50 per pack of 2 square cut of triple choc cake ...will upload photo of triple choc cake later ...maybe tonite , oppsss takleh malam ni , my dearie hubby wants to manja2 wif his mum tonite , so we are visiting my MIL tonite ....tata for now ...and not to forget , to Ms Azizah , thanks sbb tlg jualkan kek ni kat kwn2 yerrr....

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